About Me

Hi, I’m Jenny.

I am not a chef.

I never went to culinary school or worked in a professional kitchen.

I’m just a girl who taught herself to cook.

Long story short, my journey with cooking began in my 20’s when I moved to Raleigh, NC, and used food as a way to make friends.

It’s not sad!

And, in case you’re wondering, it worked.

I tested recipes and invited neighbors over to eat. I don’t know a better way to get to know people than by sharing a meal and a bottle of wine (or two).

And in a world where very little is predictable, I found that cooking was something that I could control.

And something I was good at.

Because I am good at following instructions.

Yep, there it is. That is my talent.

Just kidding.

You and I both know that there are a lot of bad recipes out there.

And there is an art to choosing a recipe and identifying ingredients that will play nicely together.

So here’s the secret I found when teaching myself how to cook well: use ingredients that taste amazing on their own.

It sounds simple because it is.

Great ingredients are what make great dishes.

Since learning this I’ve tested countless recipes and spent more time in the kitchen than anywhere else.

About Frosted Kale

So, why Frosted Kale?

Well, I liken my diet to eating kale with frosting on it. Yah, I know, not the best analogy but stay with me.

Simply put, I add a little indulgence (be it butter, salt, bacon, etc) into an otherwise healthy dish, and vice versa.

I like to sneak veggies into almost everything, a trick I learned from my mom that’s stuck with me.

Over time I began calling my approach to eating Indulgently Healthy.

For me, everything in moderation (including moderation, per Oscar Wilde) is the most balanced approach to daily life.

I take each day one at a time and look at the whole picture when determining what to eat throughout the day (i.e. total protein, fat, carbs, sugar, etc)

I don’t judge myself for the occasionally imbalanced day, I just move on and start fresh the next morning.

With Frosted Kale, I aim to share my indulgently healthy lifestyle with you.

Here I share recipes I love, both my own and those from others that I’ve tested and loved.

The recipes on this site don’t require any fancy equipment or techniques.

The photos are taken with an iPhone and the food pictured is consumed moments later.

Frosted Kale is all about real, approachable, healthy dishes for you to enjoy in your home.

Thanks so much for being here! I hope you enjoy the recipes and tips on this site as much as I do.