Ritual Vitamins Review: An Honest Look At The Multivitamin Everyone Is Talking About

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January 16, 2020


Updated October 24, 2022 @ 2:17 pm

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A Ritual Vitamins Review:

Nobody loves taking multivitamins. And I’m certainly no exception.

But Ritual vitamins has created a collection of multivitamins that might just change everything…

Here is my honest review of Ritual Vitamins:

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I’ve tried countless brands of multivitamins over the last 15 years or so and the only ones that weren’t completely awful to consume were those in the form of gummies.

The additional sugar and additives were offset by the nutritional benefits, right?

Yeah, I didn’t buy it either. Bummer.

So after seeing Ritual’s targeted ads on Insta daily for several months, I decided to dig deeper to determine whether Ritual Vitamins are worth it.

I loved the idea of ditching my six-per-day, 34-ingredient vitamin that cost me an arm and a leg each month (on top of being miserable to consume).

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According to the beautiful, targeted ads, Ritual multivitamins provide improved skin, stronger immunity, a healthier heart, and promote healthier aging from within.

But could it be true?

The science behind Ritual’s products was compelling.

I could no longer resist the multivitamins that I once deemed solely created for social media.

That was October 2018. And here we are in 2022, and I have been a raving fan ever since.

So much so that I wrote this Ritual vitamins review unsponsored, unsolicited, and unbiased.

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Let me tell you; I love these vitamins. (a sentence I never thought I’d say)

Like, look forward to taking them kind of love.

Ritual Vitamins Review Summary:

  1. Ritual Vitamins are beautiful. But you already knew that. The clear capsule design displays exactly what you’re consuming in the most attractive way. But, more importantly, the capsule design allows for the consumption of different forms of vitamins (oil and dry) together rather than consuming multiple pills.
  2. This is a big one. These beautiful multivitamin capsules WILL NOT CAUSE NAUSEA. Their delayed-release formulation dissolves later in the less sensitive, more absorptive areas of your gut. They can be consumed at any time of day, with or without food. No problem.
  3. Ritual Vitamins contain only 9 ingredients in their most bio-available forms. Compared to most multivitamins containing over 20 ingredients, Ritual finds that women get a sufficient amount of these other ingredients from food. They chose, instead, to focus on the key ingredients that women are not getting enough of.
  4. These vitamins are minty. It’s weird and AWESOME. Each bottle contains a mint tab, leaving the vitamins with a minty essence. Like a little dose of freshness to brighten your day. Ritual Vitamins could not be easier to take.
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As if these weren’t compelling enough, there are 3 other reasons why I love these vitamins so much:

  1. The subscription. Remembering to take your vitamins is hard enough, but remembering to replenish your supply each month is another challenge. Ritual solves this for you and automatically ships your vitamins to you right when you need them. Shipping is free. Cancel anytime.
  2. The cost of Ritual Vitamins. These vitamins are SAVING ME MONEY every month. Ritual Vitamins cost $30 per month (plus tax), which is highly competitive when compared to other multivitamins on the market, making Ritual Vitamins 100% worth it.
  3. Amazing customer service. Have a question or concern? Reach out to these guys, and they will take care of you. I’ve been super impressed by the Ritual Vitamins customer service team.
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Buy with Ritual | $30

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In case you skimmed most of this Ritual Vitamins Review, let me sum it up for you:

After nearly 2 years of taking the Ritual Essential for Women, I can say that Ritual Vitamins are totally worth it, and I have honestly never felt better.

As I’ve mentioned in other articles, my skin looks the best it ever has… at 40. And my energy levels have fluctuated far less – a bonus.

So if you’re not taking a multivitamin currently (shame on you) or you’ve considered giving these vitamins a try, now is the time!

You can try Ritual Vitamins completely risk-free, as they guarantee your satisfaction with their multivitamins.

Plus, if you shop through any of the links in this Ritual Vitamins Review, they will give you a free week just for trying them out!

So, what do you have to lose? Literally, nothing.

Are you currently pregnant or planning to be soon? Or are you over 50? Ritual’s got you covered! In addition to the Essential for Women, Ritual Vitamins also offer the Essential Prenatal and the Essential for Women 50+. I have friends and family who are currently taking these multivitamins for women and loving them.

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